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Introducing the Latest innovation from Humboldt County, the Trim Tray™.  The Trim Tray is a lightweight aluminum manicuring workstation with a built in sifting screen and collection pan.  Use the Trim Tray for everyday trimming purposes to collect the fine material such as pollen or trichomes that would normally be lost in the trimming process.  The Trim Tray™ also makes a good sorting tray for your botanical products.  The Trim Tray™ is created with the highest quality materials and is built to last a lifetime.  Weighing only 3 lbs, Trim Tray fits comfortably on your lap or on a Table.  


o   Ultra light aircraft aluminum construction

o   Stainless Steel Hardware

o   Heavy Duty 230 micron Stainless Steel Screen

o   Commercial grade construction built for a lifetime of use

o   Quality Construction Impervious to Chemicals, Corrosion, Rust, And Extreme Temperatures, 

o   Top Frame and screen is removable for easy cleaning

Dishwasher Safe  

·      Ergonomic Design

o   weighs only 3 lbs

o   12” x 20” size perfect for lap or table-top use


·      Included Accessories

o   Cleaning brush

o   Plastic card for gathering filtered product